Atlas Shrugged II and why you should watch it

On Friday, Atlas Shrugged Part II comes out in theaters, only 25 days before the elections. The dystopia presented in the movie is parallel to the problems facing America today: high energy prices, high taxes, the government trying to intervene in the private sector, and citizens who don’t completely understand what exactly is happening to America. This sounds like today.

But the book was published in 1957, so the problems facing America are not something which just happened recently. The fact that Ayn Rand’s prophecy appears to becoming true makes the movie even more interesting in these times.The movie’s premise: in dystopia America, the wealthy are demonized as not paying their “fair share”, innovation is discouraged and actually made criminal, fuel prices are skyrocketing, America does not appear to be very secure in terms of defense, and it appears as though politicians are manic about gaining power for themselves. Yet, those who work hard and value sacrifice, hard work, and the entrepreneurial spirit, have to essentially disappear from America and founded their own society somewhere in a hidden location of North America, where free-market principles reign and the successful are not chastised for not “contributing” more to the welfare state. The ending includes the answer to the question: Who is John Galt?

We at CRI think this movie has the potential to be a big hit, especially with those who value liberty and freedom and do not want to see either extinguished under the boot of government. Four theaters in Delaware and one in Salisbury will show the movie: you may check out our Facebook page to see which ones will carry this inspiring movie.

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