Audio to Text transcription

Audio transcription services

The Audio transcription service is another popular arm in the transcription service industry. It has become a part and parcel of day to day life. Its impact is that much great one cannot imagine without its presence.

What is the necessity for audio transcription service?

Audio to text transcription is the process of converting the audio files, dictation, speeches etc into word transcripts. Now a days, audio transcription service is very much needed in all fields, especially in education, healthcare, journalism etc.

In the education sector, schools, colleges, universities need audio transcription service for transcribing research interviews, Lectures etc. The audio transcription is very much useful for students who have hearing impaired.

The audio transcription service is also very much useful for book authors, for the organizers of conference and teleconference, for the busy executives, marketing research companies, physicians and lawyers.

Audio file formats

There are a number of audio transcription service providers who offer Audio to text Transcription service ranging from medical, general to legal transcription service at competitive price. They accept audio files in whatever format you sent. It can be either in.MP3, .WAV or other audio formats.

These audio transcription service providers have well experienced transcribers who transcribe your audio files effectively with quick turn around time. These transcribers are proficient in American English, British English and major foreign languages like French, German, and Russian Chinese etc.

Almost all well-known audio transcription service providers offers 100% confidentiality service.

The service provider offers to the customers a wide range of options to choose like

Audio transcription service types

Verbatim audio transcription: This is a word to word audio transcription The transcription output includes even those slang, umms, an everything that is said in between words.

Screened audio transcription: in this type of transcription all those unnecessary words like the “Hmmm” and other speech habits are removed.


The cost of audio Transcription Services differs based on volumes and also on the type of audio transcription service output, whether it is verbatim or screened. An audio file with more than five hours audio time will cost less than smaller files. So based on the variables, the cost can vary as much as up to 50%. To know more about Quality Transcript log on to [email protected]

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