Autopsy on Fashion Designer Is Inconclusive

The autopsy on Sylvie Cachay, the fashion designer found dead in a bathtub at the exclusive Soho House hotel Thursday, did not yield any conclusive results, the medical examiner’s office said Friday.

Further tissue and toxicology tests are necessary to determine the cause and manner of Ms. Cachay’s death, officials said. The tests are expected to take one to two weeks.

As investigators awaited the final autopsy results, the police began seeking a warrant to search the person of Nicholas Brooks, Ms. Cachay’s boyfriend, who arrived at the hotel with Ms. Cachay early Thursday. Shortly before 3 a.m., water from their room began leaking into the floor below, and workers found Ms. Cachay, 33, half-clothed in an overflowing tub. Mr. Brooks was not present when her body was found but returned to the room minutes later. The police have questioned him since then.

Paul J. Browne, the chief police spokesman, said the police wanted to examine Mr. Brooks, 24, “and look for any marks.” He added, “It would be a physical exam to see if there’s any evidence that might help explain the circumstances of her death.”

Mr. Brooks has now retained a lawyer, Mr. Browne said.

Ms. Cachay’s body bore no obvious sign of  trauma, investigators said, but she did have “some redness in the area of her collarbone” and a bite mark on one hand.

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