Benefits of Professional Liability Insurance for the Real Estate Industry

A real estate professional liability insurance policy provides coverage for protection and expenses that an insured is legally bound to pay. The damages arise from a settled claim involving a careless act that the insured commits or allegedly commits.

Reliable and Robust Features

A negligent act is the equivalent of an actual or implied violation of responsibility, failure, action, error or omission that an agent commits which performing professional services. These services include all normal and usual actions and advice that an agent provides, such as:

  • Preparation, transmittal and awarding of design and construction bid packages
  • Management, coordination and supervision of design, sales and purchase
  • Identifying and obtaining of applicable permits, modifications, approvals and easements
  • Real estate agent, notary public, title agent and property manager services

Equipping you with the right tools enables you to be successful and protected from unforeseen damages. A real estate professional liability insurance program offers errors and omissions coverage for professionals and is customizable to include endorsements of the base claims policy.

Risk Management Services

Comprehensive real estate professional liability insurance coverage manages allegations filed by clients emerging from personal injury, negligent acts and errors or omissions resulting from the provision of licensed duties. A dedicated team of experts that maintains a disciplined approach to business can provide superior serve and coverage options that are specifically tailored to meet the evolving needs of your business.