Bloomberg’s Testifies in Consultant’s Trial

The executive branch paid a visit to the judiciary Monday morning when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg took the stand to testify in the trial of John F. Haggerty Jr., a Republican political consultant accused of stealing $1.1 million from Mr. Bloomberg during his 2009 re-election campaign.

Mr. Bloomberg took the stand shortly before 10 a.m. inside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse on Centre Street, six blocks north of his usual workplace at City Hall. See below for our live coverage.

Prosecutors say Mr. Haggerty stole the money by promising to provide ballot security during the election and instead using most of the $1.1 million to buy a house. Mr. Bloomberg had contributed the money to the state Independence Party, which then funneled $750,000 to Mr. Haggerty. Apart from the criminal questions, the case has fueled criticism that Mr. Bloomberg tried to pay for “ballot security” — a murky field linked in some people’s minds to election-day voter suppression — through an indirect route to avoid scrutiny.

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