Board Warns Teacher for Having Two Jobs in the Same School

The New York City Conflicts of Interest Board issued a warning letter on Thursday to a teacher in Queens for having two different jobs in the same school.

The teacher, Alex Joseph Pauline, worked as both a custodial helper and a teacher at Public School 80 from 1998 to 2012, according to the letter. Custodial helpers are hired by a school’s head custodian.

Part-time secondary employment for employees of the city’s Education Department as custodial helpers is allowed under a waiver that was requested by the agency and approved by the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board in 2008. But in the letter, the board said the waiver stipulates that such employment must occur at a different school and during the summer.

Mr. Pauline, according to the letter, worked as a custodial helper during the summers and during the school year.

“Thus, by working as a custodial helper while also working as a D.O.E. teacher at the same school, you held a position with a firm you knew was engaged in business dealings with the city in violation of City Charter,” the letter stated. In this case, the teacher was employed by the head custodian, who provides services to the Education Department and is paid by the agency.

According to the Department of Education, Mr. Pauline’s teacher salary is $67,095 per year, and his rate as a custodial helper was $18.13 per hour.

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