Build an Optimized Website For Your Insurance Agency

Not all websites are built the same, and an important part of insurance agency marketing is to create a customized site that can bring leads to your agents. If you are skilled in website building, you can do it yourself, but it is often smarter to hire an outside company who is experienced in getting results.

Website Essentials

There are certain components that you want to make sure to include on your website. First of all, you want it to have enough pages available to place all of the information that you want. It should be designed professionally, and contain landing pages that highlight specific services and products.

Because your main focus is to gain new clients, make sure to have multiple opportunities for prospective clients to reach you (sometimes referred to as a call-to-action). Also offer online quotes so that your leads can get immediate help.

Track Your Results

Once you have set up your personalized website, you can track your results to see how effective it is. Check to see how your keyword placement strategy has ranked you on search engines. You can also track how many leads you are getting and from which pages, as well as how many calls are coming in.

Insurance agency marketing can be very effective when you do it right. Take advantage of all that the internet offers and make sure that your website is customized to generate leads.