Car Companies get rich off of you

Car Companies get rich off of you

March 11, 2013 by crodney

Please enjoy another guest post from CRI contributor and author of, Lindsay Leveen.

$40 million Of Green For Gangrene


The Federal and State governments are transferring over $25,250 of poor people’s money to the super rich for each and every car that only achieves the emissions equivalent of a car that achieves 19.04 miles per gallon.  I was disgusted with the waste of money in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I am not surprised by the utter waste of money in subsidizing the toys the rich buy in the name of green.  We are living aboard a ship of fools with the captain navigating using a moonbeam.

Post Script —-  I did some additional checking and the US DOE Argonne Lab states the primary power as 472 kwh not the high of 694 kwh in the UK report.  Using the 472 kwh we get hte 85 kwh Tesla battery pack will need 40,120 kwh of primary power.  Dividing by the 100,000 miles we have 0.401 kwh per mile for the production of the battery pack.  Add the 0.42 kwh/mile for the charge energy for a total of 0.82 kwh per mile.  Performing the same calculation to get the equivalent mpg for CO2 emissions the result is 23.45 MPG.  Therefore even in the best case using the most optimistic DOE data the policy still makes no sense

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