Car Dealer Insurance Needs

A car dealership is unlike any other retail business. The products offered for sale are large, expensive, and potentially dangerous vehicles. A moving car in the wrong hands can cause considerable damage.  As a car dealership owner, you cannot afford to take the risk of being in business without the right car dealer insurance. A specialty market like an auto dealer needs the insurance services of a company dedicated to understanding the areas of greatest concern for your business.

The Test Drive

Your buyers will always want to drive the car before the transaction is completed. Your salesmen are expected to go along for the ride and promote the deal. While they are out there, the safety of your employees is the hands of your customers. Simply having a copy of a driver’s license is not enough to ensure that the person behind the wheel is capable of making the right choices in an emergency situation.

Lot Damage

Cars have to move from one place to another. When they arrive on your site, they have to be unloaded from a trailer. Even at slow speeds in the parking lot, it is possible for accidents to happen. Fender benders do more than damage a couple of pieces of inventory. They put your staff at risk of injury. It’s easy to lose sight of someone else in a crowded parking lot, and lot damage increases the risk of injury to your staff.

Exposure to Toxins

Cars are full of chemicals. Owning and operating a vehicle requires contact with substances that carry health risks. Cleaners and battery acid can cause burns. Inhaling exhaust fumes leads to respiratory problems. Spilled oil creates a trip hazard. Just stocking some of these items may invite a dangerous situation.

Make certain your staff is protected with the best car dealer insurance you can find. Be prepared to cover their medical expenses and lost wages in the unfortunate event of an accident. You need an insurance provider that understands your business and can set up a custom insurance package focused on overcoming the challenges your dealership faces.