Cargo Insurance Protects Your Business

Port Miami is one of the largest container ports in the nation. In 2013, it handled almost four million tons of cargo coming into the port, and a little over four million tons going out. It docked 1,348 cargo ships. With so many shipments being handled every day, your cargo has the potential to get misdirected, lost, or infested with pests. If you deal in food, it can spoil with an unforeseen delay of delivery. Pirates and customs holdup can also threaten the receipt of your cargo. Cargo insurance in Florida is the solution to keep your business from losing money on valuable shipments.

When purchasing cargo insurance, it insures your freight from beginning to the end of its journey. Your insurance also offers you more resources to make sure your delivery is not delayed. Think of your insurance agency as another shipping partner that helps you mitigate your loss. If you’re trying to find better methods to expedite your shipping experience, work with the people who know how to manage your account and shipping documentation.

Cargo insurance in Florida provides peace of mind when you have a large amount of money tied up in inventory that is traveling a long distance. Ask your insurance company about the insurance your business needs to protect its assets and future. Don’t risk everything you’ve worked so hard for by not having adequate coverage.