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Rare earth magnets are fascinating things, both in their capabilities and their history. Magnetism itself, or rather, the human discovery and understanding of magnetism, dates back to around 600 BC. Back then, Greek philosophers noted some peculiar properties of some natural ferrite stones. Aristophanes was the man who discovered the phenomenon of electrical charge, although we did not further our understanding of this for nearly two thousand years afterwards. It was finally around 1600 AD that the term “electric” was coined.

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Choosing an iron door for your front entrance way will make a lasting impression on your home and can often act as a catalyst in increasing the value of your house and property. They can change the entire atmosphere of a home by enhancing its exterior appearance in a unique way. In addition to purchasing an iron door, you can also buy matching wrought iron window grills to complete your home’s new classy look.  Any addition to your home that adds beauty and charm will ultimately be to your benefit should you choose to sell your property later on. Elegantly designed wrought iron doors speak for themselves in adding the attractive and stylish finish to your entryway that will help your home stand out from all the rest in your neighborhood.

e&o insurance

The engineering field is full of trial and error. That is why it is very important to have errors and omissions insurance for engineers. E&O insurance, also known as E&O coverage, malpractice coverage, or professional liability, is liability insurance for business professionals. Error or omission basically means a mistake. In business, a mistake could mean financial harm including a lawsuit. Having this type of insurance will help cover the costs of legal fees and representation if needed.