Tips for Putting Together a Family Emergency Plan

Like having a family plan for emergencies, everyone should have an insurance plan for emergencies as well. First Gate can help you safeguard your client’s property against hurricanes, flooding and other disasters, no matter where they live.

Make a Plan

The best time to make a family plan is before an emergency, so here are some ideas to help you get started.

How will family members get emergency alerts? If everyone has a cell phone, or access to radio and TV, they can receive emergency alerts from the National Weather Service.
How will your family get to safe locations? Ensure everyone has access to transportation, whether by car, bicycle or other means. Make sure everyone knows where to go in each type of emergency, because safety from a flood may mean a different location than shelter from a hurricane.

How will everyone get in touch? If cell phones, internet or phone lines are inoperable, designate a place for a message board. Review the plan as a family occasionally so everyone remembers where to go and what to do.

After the Crisis

Don’t let your clients get caught unaware in emergency situations. Recovery begins with property insurance. When the danger has passed, First Gate will be there to help them rebuild.

How to Shop for Insurance

When it comes to shopping around for insurance in VA it can be a little stressful. There are so many coverage options and insurance agencies willing to help businesses with their needs. It can be hard to know where to start. With these three tips on what to look for, however, you can find the right agency for you in no time.

Look for Experience

Don’t settle for someone that hasn’t been at the top of their game for years. Some insurance agencies have been leading the way for many years. You don’t have to settle for anyone that isn’t experienced or specialized in your particular business needs.

Look for a Fast Quote

You don’t have time to wait around when you have a business to run. Finding insurance in VA is imperative to the life of your company. You’re not going to want to waste your time waiting on a quote when you could still be looking. Make sure that they offer you a quote quickly.

Look for Versatility

A firm that has many different specialties can help you in all aspects of your life. It’s good to be able to find a solution to all of your insurance needs in one place. If you’re looking for more than insurance for your business, then being able to find it at one firm can be convenient and beneficial.

Insurance shopping can be overwhelming. However, when you know what you’re looking for it can narrow down the search quickly.

Purchasing Home Insurance in Connecticut

Getting home insurance in Connecticut is no walk in the park. It requires serious preparation and demands that you weigh the fiscal burden against the possibility of some future catastrophe. Here are few pointers to help you on your journey toward optimal home insurance.


Rebuilding a Home

Saving money is, of course, very important when making this kind of decision, but financial providence is not just about what’s best now; it’s also about what will be best in the future. A survey by Marshall & Swift/Boeckh (MSB) reported that 64 percent of homes in the United States are undervalued when it comes to their insurance. Furthermore, of that 64 percent, the average homeowner is only able to rebuild 81 percent of his or her home through the insurance provider. This means that it is imperative to calculate exactly how much it would be to reconstruct your house in the event that there is a storm like Hurricane Irene.



When you purchase home insurance in Connecticut, it’s also important to give serious thought to the possibility of flooding. Many people think that this type of coverage is included in the average plan, but this is not the case. Make sure you inquire about flood insurance before finalizing any deal. This is a big decision that requires a lot of forethought, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from professionals. They can help extricate you from the web of questions and considerations that appear along the way.



Selecting the Right Condo Association Insurance for Your Building

Holding the correct insurance policies for your condo association is a crucial part of taking care of your property and making sure it survives and thrives. There are several options available to you, however, and it can feel overwhelming to make the right selection for your unique situation. After all, each cooperative will need different coverage depending on the size of the condo community and the breadth of the charter, and the best policy will differ from a standard homeowner’s policy in key ways. Here are some things to consider when picking the right condo association insurance in Champaign, IL.

Determine What Liability and Property Insurance You Need

You may need some or all of the following, depending on the specifics of your order:

  • Community personal property
  • Business auto
  • Buildings and other structures
  • Environmental liability

Choose Your Provider

Many insurance agencies have extensive experience with business insurance, auto insurance, homeowners insurance and the like, but may lack the knowledge to deal with condo association coverage. It’s crucial to pick a firm that is well versed in this, as it will differ from other insurance categories in important ways. The right agent and agency will know the ideal coverage for your liabilities and can offer you affordable selections based on this. In addition, they will have access to the most high quality insurance companies for you to pick from.

Getting the right policy for your condo association can take some time, but it will pay off in a sense of security and the promise of prosperity for your organization. You’ll feel happy you made the effort to find the right condo association insurance in Champaign, IL.

Why You Can’t Do Without Condo Insurance

Purchasing or renting a condo is a big responsibility that you should not take lightly. Although you pay association fees, many calamities that can befall your condo may not be covered by the association. Before you take chances and assume that it is safe for you to move in, purchase some Florida condo insurance first.


Whether you like your condo as is or plan to make some renovations in the future, there is a good chance that you association policy doesn’t provide much coverage for renovations. Even if you are not sure what you plans are regarding your condo, it is a good idea for you to add renovation coverage to keep you from incurring any losses should you decide to make any repairs or renovations in the future.


It is never fun when someone is injured on your property. Although your place is as safe as can be, accidents can and will happen. When they do, the last thing you want to be is financially responsible out of your own pocket. Condo insurance provides liability insurance to cover any accidents that happen on your property.

Knowing what to add to your policy can be a challenge. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to speak with a Florida condo insurance agent. They can put together comprehensive policy that offers you all of the protection you need for an affordable price.