What to Think About when Looking for Liability Insurance in Florida

If you’re looking for liability insurance in Florida for your business for the first time or are looking for a new agency after growing displeased with the one that you have been working with, there are several skills and services that excellent agencies perform well that are worth carefully thinking about. In general, you need to find the agency that excels at getting you well-tailored, comprehensive general liability coverage, analyzes potential risks that you face and works with you to eliminate as much risk as possible, helps you create an employee benefits package so that you draw the very best talent to work with you, and has many insurance agents so that a team who specializes in your industry can work with you.

Proper commercial general liability insurance typically cover Bodily Injury & Property Damage, Contractual Liability, Completed Products, Personal and Advertising Injury and Liquor Liability if applicable. A customer or client files a Completed Products complaint if you’re harmed by a product after you finish creating it, and they file a Personal and Advertising Injury if they’re trying to hold you accountable for slander or libel. Keep all of these things in mind when looking for liability insurance in Florida, and find the agency who will keep your business protected.


Know What’s Covered by Your Flood Insurance Policy

Don’t simply sign up for flood insurance in Trenton NJ and tuck it away until the tide starts to rise. Know what is and what isn’t covered by your policy in order that you know what kind of protection you’re getting and if you need to take out a special policy to fill in the gaps. So just what is commonly protected under your flood insurance?

Personal Contents

Examples of protected personal contents include electronic equipment, window air conditioners, washers/dryers, freezers and the food in them, and carpets that aren’t included in your homeowners policy.

Building Property

Your flood policy covers your home as well as its foundation, plumbing and electrical systems, refrigerators, ovens, your detached garage and the HVAC system. You’ll also be pleased to know your insurance also takes care of any debris removal you need after the flood waters have subsided.


The most important thing to bear in mind with flood insurance and basements is that your policy has limits when it comes to areas underneath the lowest elevated floor. Besides basements, other areas with limited coverage include crawlspaces beneath an elevated property and “walkout basements. Be sure you talk with your agent about additional coverage for areas underneath your home’s lowest elevated floor.

Sit down with your insurance agent to discuss your flood insurance policy as well as any other policies you have to make sure you’re ready for the flood of contingencies that can befall you and your property.

Information Is Key When It Comes to a Company’s General Liability Rating

When it comes to insurance carriers, only the most up-to-date ratings system will do. This is especially true of those companies in need of a reliable general liability rating program. Because general liability policies are the bedrock of the insurance industry, it stands to reason that this rating process would be among the most important.


Current Information for a Fast-Paced Industry


As new information is introduced, it can take quite a bit of effort on the part of carriers to ensure they are fully informed of the most recent developments available. This information can include changes in current company ratings, as well as updated procedures introduced by governing bodies.


The right ratings module will help an insurance carrier access any information subject to change. This can be a huge benefit when it comes to matching up clients with the right insurance plan.


General Liability Is a Cornerstone of Most Policies


Because these policies are so important to ensure comprehensive coverage, determining a general liability rating is crucial to getting the most out of your insurance. The right programs will simplify the rating process so that it can be easily understood by all levels of insurance staff, from program administrators to MGAs.


The Ability to Choose Wisely


No matter a company’s specific needs, utilizing a reliable insurance rating system must be part of the decision. With instant access to the most current information, insurance carriers can help their clients navigate the often complex world of comprehensive coverage.