Coney Island, 2:57 P.M.

True, the weather has not been too beachy the last few days. Nor is it supposed to be on Saturday.

But there is a bright side: May has been yet another banner month for weather fans. Just ask Stephen Fybish, City Room’s persistent weather historian, who left a message Friday afternoon informing us that we had just achieved what weather historians (some of them, anyway) refer to as a “super-highlight switcheroo.” To wit:

“We have now gone from the fifth-driest April, with 1.31 inches, to what is already the ninth-wettest May. The total precip through 4 p.m. at the park for this month is 7.23 inches.”

That is quite a swing, Mr. Fybish. When was the last time that happened?

“Not since 1980 has there been such a turnaround from a dry month to a wet month. Because in 1980, they had the third-driest February, and that had a whopping 1.04 inches, and then they went to what was then the wettest of all Marches, 10.41 inches.”

With that, we wish you a great, or solemnly observant, weekend, as you see fit. And note that Sunday is supposed to be sunny. Maybe.

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