Why Digital Marketing Delivers

Insurance marketing agencies

Consumers often expect to shop for goods and services online. According to the JD Power 2016 US Insurance Shopping StudySM, 74% of shoppers visit websites to research insurance information or obtain quotes. Insurance marketing agencies can help independent agents build an effective web presence to meet customer demand.

1. Expanded Reach

With internet marketing, agents can reach potential clients in a wider geographic region. Rather than pushing the marketing message out, customers often seek out information when they are ready to purchase, which may result in higher conversion rates.

2. Tailored Campaigns

Various demographic groups or business types may be looking for very different types of insurance products. Electronic marketing campaigns can be designed to deliver useful and relevant information about popular products for specific target audiences.

3. Engaged Consumers

Insurance marketing agencies can coordinate social media to promote customer engagement Unsolicited client reviews and comments on third party sites may be viewed as more credible than testimonials published on a company’s website. How a company interacts with clients publicly via social media can affect how potential clients view the company and its relationships with its clients.

Digital Marketing Results

Digital marketing can be an important piece of a comprehensive marketing plan to reach the right customers and engage with them to promote business. Insurance marketing agencies with digital experience can help agents maximize online marketing benefits.