Ensuring the Protection of Your Cargo

cargo insurance

It’s frightening to think of how much can go wrong in an instant. One moment your payload is in transit, and the next it’s scattered across the ocean or down a mountainside. If you don’t have the right cargo insurance, this moment of disaster can change your life forever. With so many transport issues out of your control, you have no choice but to fully insure the products you ship. A boat, truck or train load of inventory items is worth a small fortune, so you can’t afford coverage that doesn’t guard against every type of problem.

The difference between good and great cargo insurance is how the policy addresses your unique situation. What you transport is just as important as how you transport it, and liability issues follow you from the loading dock through the shipping stages and into the warehouse. If you have any coverage gaps through that process, you’re taking a risk you really can’t afford to take. When you work with an insurance company that understands every step of transporting cargo, you have much better odds of avoiding a catastrophic lapse in coverage.

Before you send out your next cargo load, make sure you talk to an insurance agent who understands your business and how to fully protect your product.