How Six Sigma Works in Large Companies

Large corporations have a lot to worry about, and because of this, a large company would undoubtedly make use of the six sigma method in their business. How exactly does the six sigma method work in a large business?

Six Sigma Black Belts are people who want to become leaders in the business world. Those who do not have leadership qualities will probably not be interested in obtaining Six Sigma Black Belt certification. However, if you are a person who feels you should be the leader of groups, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification may be what you are looking for to further your business career.

A large company would definitely have quite a few Six Sigma black belts leading teams as they act as technical coaches and deliver knowledge of quality tools. A typical number of black belts on a team or in a corporation stand at a ratio of about one master black belt per 1,000 employees, Large businesses have a number of black belts in their system. Master black belts coach and support the overall Six Sigma project within a company, and develop and train the employees.

Once leadership has been established the necessary improvement can begin. This can be completed through meetings with other employees and meetings of the top management as they make the decisions about which products to sell and when to sell them.

Then, a team can determine the gaps through the analyze phase and transform those gaps into the improvement projects. If there is a gap in production, it has to be fixed as gaps indicate product levels are down which subsequently drives down profit margins.

An improvement staff of several people would then seek out what can be improved, and more importantly implement and make certain the improvements are working. Without keeping track of what is being improved, there is no way to tell if the system is working or not.

The final step for an organization would be controlling the project from its initial birth to its implementation. This can be accomplished by starting all over from the beginning measuring the existing systems, analyzing, improving, and controlling the new system to keep the original problem from returning.

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