Insurance Coverage for Your Racehorse

If you own a racehorse, you know that there are plenty of expenses involved. You’ll have vet fees to pay; the cost of shoes, feed, and stabling; and money for training, transportation, and event fees. All of this adds up quickly. None of this will matter, however, if you don’t factor in the costs — and benefits — of racehorse insurance Tennessee policies.

What happens if your horse is injured during the very first race or even before you make it to the track? All of your investments will have been in vain. In addition to protecting your horse and your investment in racing, you may be exposed to risks on the farm or ranch. Even the stables could be an area of risk.

There are a few different options available to you. An equine mortality element covers the medical and surgical costs that result from accidents, illness, and diseases. This element of coverage is appropriate for horses that participate in a number of activities. Another policy is the farm and ranch product. This part of coverage is designed for those who have paid for their own property — whether a large operation or a smaller pleasure farm. Farm General and Personal Liability is coverage that is appropriate for newly purchased or leased properties among others.

There may be other coverages available to you through a racehorse insurance Tennessee provider. Check with them for full information.