Kids Draw the News | Epic Brawl Depicted

Thanks to all the children who took us up on our first (and somewhat controversial) “Kids Draw the News” assignment: the big fight in the Tap Room of the New York Athletic Club. Behold their handiwork, in the slide show above.

This Week’s Assignment

Kids Draw the News

Children depict current events.

Now, here’s this week’s assignment: On Monday, at a big rally outside City Hall, a man called the mayor “Pharaoh Bloomberg” apparently because the mayor opposes a law to pay poor workers more money.

The man yelled this while the head of the City Council, Christine C. Quinn, was talking. She is a friend of the mayor and got mad that someone called the mayor a name and she stopped talking and walked out.

Scan the drawing and have your grownup submit it using our online form. Drawings by actual kids only, please, 12 years of age and under. We’ll be posting the results of this assignment next week.

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