Picking The Right Storage Space

Some people use them when they are moving, or to store items they feel are more secure in a storage unit. For whatever the reason, some things need to be known.

The first thing is finding a storage space that is right for your stuff. There are many different types of facilities. Some are outside; others are inside and climate controlled. Some of these have cameras and locking gates, others provide twenty four hour security. Some places have a gate that is opened at a certain time, then closed at night, with nothing in the way of thieves from coming into the complex, breaking open a lock and taking what’s inside.

What kinds of things do you need stored? If you have electronics like television sets, stereo equipment, computers and such, then you want a facility that has enclosed storage units, preferably one that is climate controlled. Electronics are sensitive, so they have to be out of the elements, the dust and debris that is often associated with outside storage units. They also need to be kept at a certain temperature, too cold or hot and their delicate circuitry could be damaged, making them worthless.

If you have furniture to store, you may want to consider an outside space. While these are more exposed to the elements, they are still secure, and as long as you cover the items you don’t want dusty, then you should be all right. An outside storage space is also a good idea for very large items, since you can pull right up with your vehicle and unload at the door.

Now you need to decide how big of a storage unit you need. It is important that you rent a unit that is not only going to store all the items you have, but one that is not so packed that you have to unload everything just to get at the items in the back. Let’s say for an example that you need to load a lot of different sized items, you dressers, entertainment center, a bed or two etc. You are going to need at least an 8’x10′ space, which will give you extra room for boxes. What you should do is measure the items you need stored, then find a facility that is right for your needs, and go in to see what is available. Start with the smaller units, and work your way up to the right size.

Not all storage facilities are the same. You can look them up online, find some that are in your area, then it is a good idea to actually do a visual inspection of the property. Look for security cameras, high fences, and gates that you need a code to get into. These are going to be the most secure. If you are looking at inside facilities, then you need to be looking for on site people that are there during business hours. You also need to find ones that make you give up your identification in order to get into the building. Some facilities provide an additional lock above and beyond the one you have. This way, your storage unit is twice as secure.

The cost for storage space varies greatly, depending on the facility itself, the size of the unit you need, and how high the security is. When you are looking around, be sure to look for facilities with discounts. Maybe they will offer a discount for paying a full year’s rent, others may offer one or two free months with a signed contract. This can save you money, especially if you are moving.

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