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As identity card, every piece Bringing home appliances Product has a ” Home Appliances Rural areas product identification card. “However, the city has received a public

Complaints Said she bought a home appliances to the countryside

Microwave ovens After suddenly the product description on the “bringing home appliances product identification card” has been removed, and after that by asking merchants, businessmen secretly been removed. Council official said, business has been arrested for the act to deceive consumers, should be corrected.

Consumers: Appliances to rural areas without identification card products

8 31, the people in the urban areas in the Avenue Miss Qiu an electronics store to buy a value of 299 yuan in

U.S. microwave , The model “MM721AAU-PW (X)”. After returning home, Miss Qiu found that the microwave instructions on the cover of “bringing home appliances product identification card” paste box, but inside the box and paste the ID card does not, and have removed sticker inside the box after the scene.

Miss Qiu found that the instructions which microwave ovens also have information on products, home appliances to the countryside, so she would call the manual cover supervision and complaint telephone 400-887-3200 for consultation, the other told her the model of microwave oven is appliances to the countryside of successful products, but according to the relevant provisions of the country, she can bring relevant documents, invoices and “bringing home appliances product identification card” to receive the unit price of 13% of financial subsidies.

“No identity card, you can not receive financial subsidies. Also, merchants will hold identity cards to receive this part of the subsidies?” Miss Qiu said.

Dealer: Identity card without authorization removed

Then, journalists and Miss Qiu went to the electronics store to consult with. Miss Qiu to the microwave oven

Sell Counter sales staff consultation before a woman, the sales staff said Miss Qiu buy microwave oven is really bringing home appliances products, then Congguizili out a microwave oven in the model of “bringing home appliances Product ID cards” to Miss Qiu.

Reporter asked the salesperson why Miss Qiu buy home appliances to the countryside there is no microwave oven, “bringing home appliances product identification card”, the salesperson explained that because the model is only 30 yuan to subsidize about microwave ovens, many consumers think that less subsidies, on identity cards do not have to.

The sales staff also said that purchase of home appliances such as Miss Qiu countryside microwave oven, only small amount of financial subsidies, and receiving procedures are very cumbersome. So when they sell, they secretly microwave oven on the model, “bringing home appliances Product ID cards” all torn up, removed the identification card does not take the initiative to consumers.

Departments: Businessmen were suspected of fraud

Reporter Miss Qiu problems, visit the City Council. City Council Secretary-General Zheng Shuping told reporters, the sale of unauthorized electrical appliances store in tear off “appliances to rural areas product identification cards” of the act, no doubt already suspected of cheating consumers. He said that if businesses can not return the identity card to the consumer, then it should be in the selling price less the consumer can enjoy the appropriate amount of subsidies, if not reduced, they should unconditionally return the identity card to the consumer. If you do not return the identity card to the consumer, some businesses may be invoiced in private, subsidized impersonator. Moreover, Zheng Shuping also pointed out that Miss Qiu buy microwave oven, the electronics store to be issued only after sale

Service Certificate, not a regular invoice.

Municipal Bureau of Commerce staff members are also reminded consumers to buy products, home appliances to the countryside to buy home appliances to the countryside should be prior knowledge of the policy, confirmed that bringing home appliances product type, price ceiling, and sales network list (available www.jdxx ., ask for regular tax invoice. Out of the box in the purchase of home appliances to the countryside products, we must pay attention to verify and save the product identification card (paste in the instructions on the cover), to determine the correct identity cards intact, before it is removed from the manual identification card, and as apply for subsidies important documents, identity card no product should be rejected. In addition, consumer appliances to the countryside to buy products, take the identity card number, Product Code bar code and purchase personal message to the network sales staff to sell the registration to prepare for subsidies.

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