Protect Your Masonry Business with Insurance

As a mason, you want to protect your art. As a business owner, you need to protect your business. Look for masonry insurance in Champaign, IL that offers you a plan to combat the risks you face in both your art and business. Make sure that your company is financially protected now and in the future for your family.

What are the components of your insurance portfolio? Most businesses have general liability, workers compensation insurance, and auto insurance. If you work with contractors on different projects, you should discuss artisan professional liability insurance. This protects you in case there is a problem on a project and the client names you in a lawsuit. Many times, everyone on the job is named when someone files a complaint. Your particular involvement may not be the problem, but you will still have to provide a defense at your own cost.

Ask for an annual review of your masonry insurance in Champaign, IL from your representative. Be sure to discuss every aspect of your business, so that your agent can offer the protection your company needs. Ask for resources to help you manage your risks so that you don’t need to make a claim on your insurance. When you build a partnership with your insurance company, you have another person who works with you to keep your business successful and profitable.