Protect Your Restaurant With Fine Dining Insurance

While many restaurants carry standard coverage for their general liability needs, it is important to invest in quality fine dining insurance in order to properly protect yourself from claims specific to your industry. In addition to the typical property and general liability insurance offered by common coverage, there are many other aspects of your business that need a little extra security.


Food Contamination Insurance


If your restaurant receives a contaminated product, you could still be liable if your food causes any illnesses to your patrons. Hospital stays and medical bills can be expensive, and without the right fine dining insurance coverage, you could be left holding the tab.


Delivery and Catering Coverage


When your crew leaves the restaurant, it is important to make sure that they are still taken care of. In the event of a car accident or other job related incident while on location, it is crucial to make sure that your workers compensation coverage extends beyond your front doors.


Inflation Guard Protection


As your menu and costs continue to evolve, so should your insurance coverage. When you invest in insurance that is specific to fine dining, you are ensuring that your largest assets are always protected as prices increase.


Whether you own a small family restaurant or a large chain of dining establishments, make sure to protect your business with superior fine dining insurance.

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