Pubs Need to Have the Right Insurance Coverage

“Cheers” isn’t the only place where everybody knows your name. Pubs everywhere are renowned for their warmth and friendliness. As every pub owner knows, however, that feeling of hospitality needs to be backed up by a keen business sense; financial accounts are kept in order, rent and supplier bills are paid on time, and adequate pub insurance — a specialized insurance plan designed just for your kind of establishment — is in place.

The Coverage You Need

Specifically, you should have all of these important components in your pub insurance plan:

  • General liability for accidents and property damage claims
  • Liquor liability (this may even be required in your state before you can get a liquor license) for a claim by someone who is hurt by one of your customers after having too much to drink in your pub
  • Products and completed operations for claims from customers who become ill from your food or drink
  • Assault and battery for claims of violence, either between customers or between a customer and one of your employees, such as a security guard
  • Excess liability

Complete and Comprehensive

You serve drinks, you provide meals and snacks, and you may even have valet parking for your pub. You need pub insurance for all of those activities, wrapped in a complete and comprehensive approach. Leaving out any component puts you and your pub at unnecessary risk.