Renter Awareness Is Essential

First Gate Insurance

The rental portion of the housing market is a niche that has been underinsured for decades. Renters too often assume that their landlord’s insurance policy will cover any loss that happens in their apartment. Their lack of awareness is a huge opportunity to create awareness and expand your business in this promising coverage market. Rental insurance is affordable and can be crucial to financial survival if the unforeseen happens.

Fire and Theft

A landlord’s insurance policy will cover the loss of the rental structure from fire or other natural disasters, but not for a renter’s possessions within the structure. With First Gate Insurance there are replacement value policies available for renters. Loss of use of the rental property can also be covered to provide total peace of mind.


Renters need to know that landlord liability ends at the front door of their apartments. If a person is injured inside of the apartment, all liability rests on the renter of the property. Building awareness about this aspect liability helps in the cross-selling of additional insurance coverage that will benefit the client.

First Gate can give you renters’ insurance quotes for a variety of insurance options. They do this immediately so that you can convert prospects into clients and build your insurance business.