Staten Island Woman Is Trapped After Falling Through Rotting Floor

Rescuers converged on a house on Staten Island on Friday morning after a woman fell through an apparently rotted-out section of floor at her home and dropped into a basement or crawl space below, the authorities said.

Firefighters were treating the incident as a confined-space rescue because there was no access – no stairs or doors – leading to the space from the house.

The woman was conscious and able to communicate with firefighters at her home, at 806 Richmond Terrace, off Tyson Street, in the New Brighton neighborhood, officials said.

“They’re talking to her,” said James Long, a spokesman for the New York Fire Department.

The woman was not immediately identified, and her age and possible injuries were not yet known.

Mr. Long identified the spot where the woman fell through the floor as the “back porch,” on the exterior of her house.

“She fell through that,” he said, stressing that the space she fell into was not a well, watering hole or sump.

Preliminarily, Mr. Long said it was estimated that the woman fell about 10 feet into the area below.

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