Protect Your Bottom Line With Cyber Liability Insurance

Insurance coverage is an essential part of running a business. There are several types of policies providing protection or a variety of risk exposures. When it comes to cyber-crimes, computer hackers can wreak havoc on business across all sectors. Because of this, Indiana cyber security insurance is a valuable solution for your company regardless of the industry.

Risky Business

In today’s high-tech business culture, sharing and storing sensitive data on computer networks increases the risk of breaches. Despite taking preventive measures, a determined hacker can find ways of gaining access to confidential information. Increasingly, these attacks are becoming more common, especially among small businesses.

Protect Your Bottom Line

There are high costs associated with cyber-attacks. Cyber risk insurance safeguards your firm against various damages and losses. The policy protects your company against financial liability due to the following:

  • Business interruption
  • Privacy breaches
  • Cyber extortion
  • Business asset recovery
  • Customer support

Based on your company’s unique needs and risk profile, an insurance agent can customize your policy. This ensures your business receives the right amount of coverage.

Indiana cyber security insurance is a worthwhile investment. As cyber-attacks increase, the advantage of this coverage far outweighs the cost of not having it. Contact an insurer for a consultation to learn more about how this policy can protect your business.

Does Your Business Really Need Cyber Security Insurance?

When Target had its customers’ data breached, the story made headlines. Thousands of customers were at risk for having their information stolen. What didn’t make headlines was that the breach came through one of Target’s vendors. A hacker wormed its way through a smaller company to get to the larger corporation. Small businesses are at risk for having their information stolen too. That’s why Indiana cyber security insurance is so important in today’s marketplace.

Customer and employee data is very sensitive. Your business is at risk for being compromised through the internet. This could potentially devastate your organization. First, there are the financial concerns. You have to notify customers, provide them with credit monitoring and find the breach. If there are losses associated with the breach, your business could get sued. And you shouldn’t forget about the PR costs, because your reputation might be at risk too.

Indiana cyber security insurance makes sense in today’s world. It’s no longer just the criminals that break in through your front door. They come through the internet and this gives them a whole new way of stealing from you. Protect yourself with an insurance plan that gives you peace of mind. Be proactive in managing the data which has been entrusted to your business. Don’t think it can’t happen to you.


The Indispensable Benefits of Cyber Security Insurance

It is no secret that the definition of a secure business has changed significantly over the last two decades. Before then, you would purchase something such as a general liability policy as a method of protecting the business from anything that might befall its assets, property or employees, whether that entailed theft, accidents or something else. However, the coverage of such a policy only extends to the physical aspects of a business, not the digital ones. For the protection of your business’s digital information, you are going to need to invest in Indiana cyber security insurance.

What It Gets You

With all of the expenses that come with starting and maintaining the physical capital of a business, you are likely wondering why you should add yet another one for something that doesn’t even take up any space. To answer that, a cyber security policy offers myriad areas of coverage, including:

  • Liability for breaches in security
  • Breach-associated costs
  • Restoration of business assets
  • Cyber terrorism/extortion expenses

A Worthy Investment

While the digital age has certainly made many aspects of running a business faster and smoother than ever before, it also presents a new frontier on which many things can go awry. With Indiana cyber security insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your defenses are strong.