Addressing Employee Injury Claims for Auto Dealers

One top concern for auto dealers is the frequency of workers comp losses occurring within their industry. Many companies currently rely on risk management experts to examine these exposures and help identify the areas where injuries are most frequent. By analyzing these losses you can then focus your risk management efforts and apply measures of prevention that can be useful.


The safety of workers is a priority for any business and workers compensation insurance in Texas is an important factor in aiding injured workers, as well as ensuring proper medical attention and financial aid.


Lifting and other causes of job-related injuries


Technicians often suffer injuries from lifting and rotating tires on vehicle axles. They’re also prone to injuries from the lifting and moving of auto parts, including doors, seats, and transmissions. These repeated actions can cause personnel to suffer from strains and cause sprains and other stresses.


They can also suffer loss of eyesight from being struck by a particle while using a press to remove a bearing from a wheel hub. Reports also show that being struck by a clip coming into contact with the eyes and injuring a technician replacing a wiper blade is another issue. Technicians have cited getting particles in their eyes from grinding operations, or while changing tires and working underneath vehicles is a constant concern. Wearing protective goggles has reduced the number of eye injuries and should be mandatory for this line of work.


Slips, trips, and falls can lead to serious injury as well


Even prior to starting work an employee may become injured while entering the workplace. Common injuries, such as slipping on wet sidewalks, as well encountering oily surfaces (both inside and outside the shop), are often cited as areas where accidents are common. During work, employees may be subjected to falls from a step and extension ladders often used both inside and outside the general work areas.


Other exposures include the use of auto lifts. Employees potentially could fall hard onto the floor while exiting the car, having forgotten they were above ground level. Only when these risks are examined and considered can a company then implement the proper safety program to help reduce the number of injuries occurring. When injuries do happen, workers compensation insurance in Texas will aid workers and assist in getting them back on the job.