The Right Insurance When You Have Something Special to Protect

If you’re like most people, you have a variety of insurance policies to protect the things you cherish most in your life, including your health, home, and car. One type of policy that can offer valuable protection for the more uncommon things you may have is specialty insurance. What is specialty insurance? It’s a particular kind of policy that gives financial protection for a unique item or situation that isn’t covered under more traditional plans.

Types of Specialty Insurance

  • Unoccupied Dwelling
  • Manufactured Home
  • Dwelling Fire
  • Motorcycle
  • Travel Trailer
  • Surety Bonds
  • Blanket Insurance for events

As you can see, you can get great coverage for many circumstances that might otherwise be difficult to insure. Despite the fact that many of these items are either unusual or high-risk in nature, you can purchase a separate plan just for them. Alternatively, you may buy specialty insurance to add coverage to an existing policy in order to supplement it. For example, you may have home insurance on a rental property, but would like to add extra coverage in case of a fire. Specialty insurance would be a perfect addition.

Other Considerations

You’ll want to spend some time making sure that your specific needs are met by any policy you purchase. Be sure to ask your insurance company any questions you have to avoid the pitfall of thinking something is covered when it may not be.

The next time you’re wondering, “What is specialty insurance?” you’ll have a good idea of what it offers. You can rest assured knowing that you have options for protecting everything that you cherish, even if it’s out-of-the-ordinary.