Third-party Logistics Deliver For Other Companies

Many companies these days often have to buy in stocks which far outweigh any storage facilities that they may have. This is called third-party logistics and it means that another party will take care of all the needs of this particular company. Many multi- national companies will take advantage of this kind of facility and it helps them greatly in the long run. You can look under ‘3PL’ or ‘public warehouse’ to get some idea of what facilities are in the local area.

Take, for example, a multi-national company which supplies its products in several different countries. If this country is the size of the US and the company is in Europe, it is obvious that they will either have to buy up buildings to store their goods in, or rely on just such a company to handle their goods in each individual country or state. This will also apply for those companies who bring in goods or raw materials from outside the country too since they will often be able to buy up goods cheaply if they can buy them in enough bulk. However, they also may not have the facilities to keep track of where they are or how to store them either. This is particularly useful for seafood or perishable goods which have to be housed in refrigerated facilities too since these companies often have this kind of building at their disposal.

But there is much more to these companies than just storing goods until they are needed elsewhere. They can actually strip down loads too and repackage them in appropriate containers if necessary. Then, they can re-box and transport the goods all across the county if necessary. On top of this, they may also have contacts with carton companies which can build or manufacture boxes in many different designs which will suit the buyer.

These boxes may have to in special materials depending on what is being carried. Some will be perishable and will certainly drip fluids so it is vital that the right kind of packaging is used throughout. Poultry is particularly dangerous if left in the wrong temperature too so they will have to employ refrigerated trucks as well. With the kind of logistics that all this entails, it is obvious then that these third-party companies offer a wonderful service that is indispensable. For manufacturers or distributors it is also a great service since a lot of the frustrations of day to day maneuvers are done without the input of the buyer of this service.

Although the cost of this service is not cheap by any standard, it is usually incorporated into the cost of the item which is being supplied. This is why some goods may look expensive for what they are but this is a necessary expense for sure. Lastly, finding the right company to do this is vital since the goods in question could be worth a huge amount of money. Check online to see what is available and investigate from there.


Stewart Wrighter recently stored the overstock from his store in a Houston 3PL warehouse. He used a Houston Public Warehouse to re-box and transport his products across the country.

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