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Stores were packed with shoppers last weekend, Christmas trees lined the sidewalks awaiting homes and thousands of inebriated Santas staggered across Manhattan on an annual bar crawl.

“So many sloppy Santas stumbling the streets of NY,” @MarcJacobsIntl posted. “So many confused kids.”

@MarcJacobsIntl Marc Jacobs Intl

So many sloppy Santas stumbling the streets of NY. So many confused kids.

Sat Dec 10 18:58:41 via Marc Jacobs Intl

Later in the week, Twitter users were still questioning the bearded gift-giver’s spotless reputation. @HelloimJoe927 noted:

@HelloimJoe927 Connor Henry

he sees u when ur sleeping, he knows when ur awake…..oh so santas a stalker

Wed Dec 14 9:45:50 via Connor Henry

Some residents erupted in schadenfreude on learning that a Tea Party leader was arrested at La Guardia Airport on Thursday with a semi-automatic handgun in his luggage. @DocBonn crowed:

Twitter users also absorbed more solemn news. On Tuesday, investigators in Suffolk County said they had found what were probably the remains of Shannan Gilbert, the New Jersey woman whose disappearance set off a search that has turned up 10 other bodies along Ocean Parkway on Long Island. The hope of @Dandie00 was that the discovery would bring a degree of closure:

On Wednesday, users mourned the death of Suzanne Hart, an advertising executive for the company Y&R, who was crushed after an elevator malfunctioned in a Madison Avenue office building. A fellow advertising worker, @BrooklynBrett, wrote:

@BrooklynBrett Brett Ruiz

My heart bleeds for the woman who died in the elevator accident at Y&R today. Nobody should die at their advertising job.

Wed Dec 14 13:53:21 via Brett Ruiz

A little-known holiday brought happier reflections later in the week, as National Cupcake Day was observed on Thursday. The Twitter account for Robicelli’s Cupcakes, @robicellis, assured followers that the celebration was no joke:

Finally, New Yorkers noted that network television was about to get funnier after NBC announced that Howard Stern would be joining “America’s Got Talent” as a judge, with part of the show moving to New York from Los Angeles to accommodate Mr. Stern’s radio show. The head writer for CBS’s “Late Show With David Letterman,” @EricStangel, ribbed his corporate rival:

@EricStangel Eric Stangel

Howard Stern to join America’s Got Talent. NBC trying to add him to the rest of their shows to save the network…

Thu Dec 15 08:53:03 via Eric Stangel

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