What Homeowners’ Insurance Policies Cover and What They Don’t Cover

If you have Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance, you may think that regardless of what type of disaster occurs, your policy will kick in and take care of it. However, there are some specific situations that your homeowners’ insurance policy probably does cover, and some situations that it likely doesn’t cover.

Disasters That are Covered

With a Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policy, you are probably protected against theft, fire or lightning, wind damage and water damage. You may also be covered if your plumbing system freezes and causes significant damage to your household.

Situations That Aren’t Covered

Homeowners’ insurance policies typically don’t cover pursuits conducted by your business, if you operate it out of your home, and bodily injury or property damage that is incurred intentionally. Additionally, your policy likely does not cover any professional services you provide or don’t provide out of your home and the use of motor vehicles, aircraft, or watercraft in your home.

Understanding what your homeowners’ insurance policy does and doesn’t cover is crucial to your financial success. If you are aware of something your policy doesn’t cover, you may be able to acquire additional cover to protect your finances against these specific risks. An insurance professional may be able to help you understand the terms of your policy and introduce you to additional types of coverage to ensure you are always adequately protected.