What You Should Know About Aviation Insurance

Aviation Insurance provides the appropriate coverage for operating aircraft. It is important to deal with an insurance company that fully understands the risk of aviation. These types of insurance policies vary distinctly from other policies. They integrate the terminology, limitations and articles associated with aviation.

Aviation Insurance Facts

Aviation insurance is not something new. In fact, it was introduced in the early twentieth century. The first policy was written in 1911 by a company known as Lloyd’s of London. However, in 1912, after a series of bad weather related aircraft crashes and loss of life, the company no long wrote aviation policies.

Your search

If you need aviation insurance you will want a company that has the experience and access to a wide portfolio of insurance products that are specific to the aviation industry. Policies can usually be designed to include:

  • Airlines
  • Private pilots
  • Aviation service vendors
  • Suppliers
  • Corporate and private aircrafts
  • Charter companies
  • Dealers and brokers of aircraft
  • Manufacturers

Partnering with the right company

When you partner with a reputable company they will match you with the right insurance product for your specific needs. Ask about other available coverage, including:

  • Worker’s compensation
  • Employer liability
  • Product liability
  • General liability

You are required to maintain a high standard in the Aviation industry. You should expect your insurance company to do the same. Not all insurance companies understand its global reach and accessibility of its market. Find a company that does.

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