Woman Grazed as Officer’s Gun Discharges in Raid a Floor Away

A police bullet or fragment apparently grazed a woman’s arm as she slept inside a second-floor apartment in Brooklyn on Thursday after a plainclothes New York City officer’s gun discharged during a drug raid at an apartment a floor above, the authorities said.

Hours later, the woman returned to her home at 3003 Clarendon Road, in the Flatbush neighborhood. Just before noon, she got out of a marked police car with a man and several Community Affairs Unit officers, dressed in blue windbreakers, who helped steady her as she made her way inside.

Officials did not immediately identify the woman, who was believed to be in her 20s.

Dressed in a puffy winter coat, the woman did not appear harmed and said nothing to reporters assembled on the sidewalk.

It was six hours earlier, officials said, that plainclothes officers working as part of the Police Department’s narcotics unit made their way into an apartment at the back of the top floor of the three-story, beige brick building off Nostrand Avenue. The first officer to enter was carrying a ballistic shield in one hand and a gun in the other, according to a police spokesman.

The gun went off about 6:15 a.m., said the spokesman, who said the bullet went straight through the floor and into the apartment below, where the woman was asleep. It was not clear what caused the gun to fire.

Noises from the raid awoke Cerissa Hayes, 35, who lives with her two children in an apartment across the hall. First she heard her neighbor’s door being “busted in,” she said. Then she heard shouts of “Police!” Seconds later, she said, there was gunfire.

“I was asleep and they just barged in and I heard a shot,” she said. “You here that coming in. You hear a big bang like that; I thought it was my apartment.”

The police could not say specifically where on the woman’s arm she was injured or describe if what hit her was part of the bullet or perhaps wood or plaster fragments from the damage the bullet caused passing through the floor and ceiling.

Paramedics from the Fire Department took the woman to a nearby hospital, an official said. No one else appeared to be injured.

The police spokesman said two people were arrested as part of the raid and some drugs were recovered. The names of the people were not immediately released.

Outside the building, a woman, Yameeka Clark, identified one of the suspects as Erneso Ortiz. Ms. Clark said she was the godmother of two of his children.

Ms. Clark, 33, said she saw the commotion as she dropped off her own children for school and she worried someone had died.

When she saw officers swarming the location where Mr. Ortiz lives, she called her friend Natasha Barnett, who she said was the mother of two young children – a boy and girl – with Mr. Ortiz.

“I rather somebody is in jail for a little bit rather than somebody is dead,” Ms. Clark said.

The police did not immediately identify what drugs had been confiscated or the quantity.

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